Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to face physical and mental struggles?

From writing a memoir, I really hope that it helps me to not just understand more, but that others who are going through something similar can relate with me somehow. I really want to share my story of a physical struggle that can be mental as well and how great it feels to overcome it. Why we should not ever give up when times are tough? The reason is because it is a priceless feeling that brings a whole new perspective and teaches you so many new lessons about life. I really feel more comfortable sharing my experience of having a serious sports injury and being able to overcome it and continue with my life now in a positive manner. It will bring not just myself down, but others can be affected as well which makes it more important to come back stronger. I really hope others who have gone through a physical injury or even mental can see that we all will struggle, but we gotta keep on fighting. To not just save ourselves, but also be able to help others eventually who need assistance with their struggles. I got all the support for mine, but there is someone else who needs more help than me now. That is the biggest lesson of all, there is always someone more unfortunate than yourself. Appreciate what we got all got.

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  1. Make sure you isolate parts of this story so that you can spend space developing place and characters. You've got some good insight to share.