Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Memoir Ideas

1. Struggle and Recovery
When I was playing soccer in high school and I tore my meniscus, I had to face the biggest struggle in my life and then bounce back from it. It took a lot of time and patience which brought out a lot of negative emotions in my short life. I felt like my life was over was the mindset, but then I would learn to overcome the odds and bring my life back on track. Through painful rehab and listening to positive people who want to help you, I learned that I can get better and do better for others too that endured the same.

2. Key Relationship
I was never keen on having a relationship like most of my friends. I never liked dating or even cared because I was just into sports and focused on what my parents asked of me. Little did I know I would finally meet someone who I could connect to change my ways and it would be someone the exact opposite of me. It's really funny when they say "opposites attract". In a short time being together, I learned that maybe you can find that special someone early in life. Some of us are not really lucky, but I sure have to say I got lucky with my first try in my life. I feel blessed to have been given an amazing women to keep an eye out for me.

3. The Future
What will happen with my future? I aspire to go after accounting and get my CPA, but then the doubts always come to mind. The expectations of my parents were so high growing up and now I am really confused sometimes if I truly want to go down this path. Maybe it is just my negative thoughts because I enjoy what I want to go after, but then some gut feeling tells me to stop. My conscience is like out of place and it gets frustrating at times. If I can just succeed already, I would just be happy. I wish I could forward time another four years and see where I am at already. I know what I want, but I have to just be patient and let these negative thoughts stay out of my mind. I guess it is just a struggle truly between yourself and your thoughts as the biggest challenge these next few years. Choices will make a huge difference if you are not positive.

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  1. You picked some good life-experiences worth sharing with readers. However, you may be trying to tackle too much with your choices. It can be something small that you learned, so don't feel that what you choose has to be life-changing for you or your reader. Those you list may be too encompassing to write in a blog post unless you somehow shorten the scope of one of them. For instance, you could choose one particular encounter, discussion, or exchange that somehow gives readers a window into what you learned and how you learned it. The only one that won't work at all is the future entry. Since this is a memoir, it needs to be something that already happened.