Sunday, January 26, 2014

Global Warming My Foot?

This winter season has been an epic one so far in my eyes. Today I woke up to see a blizzard of snow just come by for a few minutes. I walk outside to check on my car and clean up the drive way. My usual Sunday activity of going to the gym early in the morning was delayed a bit with rough road conditions. The snow was getting iced up on my windshield which made for some annoying cleaning. This has been easily the coldest winter that I have had to live through so far in my life and I absolutely hate it. Hate is a strong word and I rarely use it, but man I sure miss summer. I will do anything to have summer back. Spring is even better than this. Wake up to freezing weather and having to always clean my car daily is such a waste of time. Why did my family choose Michigan again? Again I will keep wondering in my head why do I live here to deal with this. That is just my frustration speaking because I am getting really tired of this winter. It has been freezing everyday at below temperature and the next few days it is supposed to get worse. That means the drive to work, school, or even to the gas station is going to be harsh. I sure cannot wait for spring to arrive and then spend the lovely summer weather outside. Until then, guess I am just going to be laid back at home tonight and stay on top of school work.

-January 26, 2014

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