Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just Why People?

"Same routine, just a different. That is what I assumed as my day started on the 22nd of January 2014. Work was running smoothly as usual and things we going just fine per routine. For those that do not know already, my current job is a Bank Supervisor at TCF Bank. Suddenly around lunch time where we usually get a rush of customers where my skills are required to keep things in order at the teller line. Suddenly problem arises and the setting turns in to madness due to one person. In my mind, I am having all negative thoughts and I just want to curse at the customer and just be done. I had half a thought to punch the person in the face and shut him up. That is what I truly desired, but I had to keep it all in because of the professionalism ethics I am bound to and the leadership I must present to my peers. Its really tough when sometimes you just want to scream, but you are stuck in a circle with your thoughts. I must say though writing about this sure helps relieve some of that stress. It is ridiculous what some people will say just over a simple common error. I do not want to go in to much detail because I respect an individual's personal financial matter. I will say that the individual was not aware of a policy which is pretty much common sense if you use logic, but my judgement does not allow me to be disrespectful. I have to control my emotions because society deems it fit for me to keep my position. Policy is the requirement to keep my ethics and sanity within the company and the future goals I have for myself. Do I always have negative thoughts? Oh definitely I have a lot I could say, but simple logic is what I implement to avoid conflict of interest. I will not understand truly why some people just do not understand simple terms or logic. This world we live in runs on policy, but so many people do not seem to want to follow regulations with the opportunities we have in this country. I do not know what everyone is experiencing, but I cannot tolerate when someone just blatantly breaks a rule that they understand and continue to break it. Then they expect to be reimbursed! Like are you crazy or do you think I am stupid? These are just some things I will never understand why are we so negative minded. Why cant we all just get along?"

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