Monday, January 13, 2014

Goody Two Shoes

It was very interesting when my eyes caught the very last few sentences of this article. The author states the difference of understanding the reality of life and how we present our thoughts through writing. Writing is a form of escape for many of us and a lot of writers tend to flow away from reality and do not rationalize between who we really are and what we want to be. Sometimes we just have to accept our roles which is what the article meant when I read "Otherwise, there is too much of a schism between who we are as writers and how we live our daily lives. That is the challenge: to let writing teach us about life and life about writing." This can have many meanings to it, but I interpret as a message to remind many of our roles in society. It can be viewed negatively to say we cannot achieve our dreams in writing, but that is not true. It displays a truly great debate that can go back and forth about how writing impacts many lives. It impacts many writers differently. Some find it as solace to search for the greatest potential through inner thoughts, but it can also drive many away from the reality of the daily life and create chaos. Life is a huge challenge and writing can make that challenge either easier or more tough.

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  1. Nice connections between the article and writing.

    Try to start using more paragraph breaks and an engaging post title to help propel your reader through the post. Don't rule out pictures, links, etc.. to enhance connections.