Sunday, January 19, 2014

Writing As Communications: Self-Revelation

              Of all the great passages that was written in this article, Writing as Communication really caught my eyes. The whole section talks very truly about how writing should be portrayed, but it is being undervalued. Writers who write about their thoughts typically do not share their true feelings and share something that society will accept. That is not the way writers have to communicate with the outside world. It was said best on page 250 "We must leave the private world of our own thoughts and meet the demands of that world outside ourselves". We are all producers of our writing and must be able to express our ideologies. Everyone will always judge your style of writing and not everyone will agree. That is just the reality of human beings, we are not meant agree on every thought. If that was the case, writers would not have to right about how they feel about certain things.
            The passage greatly details how to handle criticism. As I was saying before, handling criticism is the biggest challenge. We must just face it because running away from expressing what you believe in will not resolve anything. "Criticism has long been our stock and trade", that statement is very true. When someone writes to express something they care about or something very important; there will be supporters and the opposition. Criticism is a way to make us writers better and help people evolve. It can help many realize the common errors and creates for an educated discussion.

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  1. Nice insight into criticism, but expand your comments slightly on how we write for an audience rather than ourselves.