Tuesday, January 21, 2014


"Everyday I wonder how much harder I could have tried. I know myself enough that I had the potential. The potential to be better and become what I dreamed. The excuses of injuries and laziness got in my way and stroll me away from the passion I enjoyed a lot throughout my teen years. The sport of soccer is or should I say was my life. Everyday I into my backyard to dribble around with the ball and take shots at my brick wall. The numerous occasions my teammates and I wrecked private properties because we just did not care about anything. We just played the game and enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed the game so much that I really thought I could make it to the next level in college soccer. I played very well early and was team captain for three straight years.
What else could have stopped my destiny? Junior year.....September 17, 2010, the day my life changed. I go head to head for a corner kick with another player that is easily 6 foot and 4 inches and me, well standing at 5 foot 6 inches. What was I thinking? I was making the play to get my team the win for sure. Always give 110% in everything you do if you want to be the best. I make the play and score the goal but then I cant feel my left knee. Later to only find out I tore a meniscus. I attempted to play through it multiple times and my arrogance and frustration grew more. My performance suffered because I would not take rehab seriously and the injury would limit me to this day. I finished off my soccer career at high school with a fun career, but unable to move on to the next level because
I am unable to keep up my high level of play. The disappointment that I would not be able to play ever again. The loss of my scholarship to play in collegiate soccer. The passion and fire I had in the game was gone and for a long duration I stayed away from the game. Eventually I would go back and play in the alumni game and then I remembered why loved the game. It was not because of the scholarship and free ride or to go professional, but to have fun and enjoy it. Did I have a lot of regrets? Yes! Do I still have any now? Nope, because in such a short amount of time since I stopped playing, I learned to appreciate what I had and enjoy whats left of it. I may have not gotten my opportunity at furthering my game, but I still get my chances to play pick up games and train with others just for the fun of the game. This is one of the biggest reasons I live life with no regrets. The experiences in life such as this will question you a lot. The mind will fight with regrets and bring you down emotionally. The trick I find is just play along and learn from it."

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  1. This entry works best as a memoir perhaps; rework it to add that component of self-reflection? Does it show the emotion you felt at the time?