Sunday, April 6, 2014

Analyzing My Post

I see my post using all three elements of appeals: ethos, logos, and pathos. Logically the topic of concussions I used details that safety is the main concern which we all want to be concerned about. Also, people want to be able to find answers to concussion symptoms and how to develop a method to lower the production results of concussions inflicted on athletes mainly. My ethos are presented with my story of my experience dealing with a situation where I almost had concussion like symptoms and a friend who went through the trials of it. It was not a fun thing to watch him struggle, but luckily he was okay in the end. My examples such as the Zack Lystedt story presented the evidence of what concussions can do on athletes long term. For pathos, I would see as the whole essay I basically wrote. I put my emotions in to the persuasion factor to really persuade the audience to look at the issue at hand. Concussions are growing every where professionally and on amateur levels which is ridiculous. It is awful to hear about athletes who have brain damage of a 80 year old and are only in their mid 20s maybe. Pathos works best to connect with the readers because my whole topic was infused with emotions all the way. A topic such as concussions will invoke human emotions to come to play because it is about the lives of young kids who play sports and adults who are in serious danger in their profession. Anyone who can relate to the issue or were inflicted will want to read this and learn more for a solution or discuss ways to find better methods. With a large network of communication, maybe one day we will find a cure for concussions or at least a way to decrease the rate of inflicted athletes and how to maintain the numbers to a minimum. The appeal of pathos will make a blog really stand out and show that you really are passionate in what you preach which will bring a lot of support and appreciation from readers.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Elements of Persuasion Blogging

When it comes to writing a blog, the persuasion factor plays a key role in how a writer will create his/her story. In the Science of Persuasion video, it talked about some key factors that may enable bloggers to really approach a blog with a sense security. I believe that consistency is the most important in the medium of a blog. A blog has to be consistently in order to keep interest from its readers as the video entailed. It talks about commitment which is important to blogging because a writer needs to be committed to detailing specifics and perfect their story. Persuasive bloggers will need ultimate consistency as the foundation to a strong persuasive blog to attract the attention it desires.

Other ideas I find relevant to idea of blogs would be liking and authority. Authority is very important to the credibility of a writer which is required for persuasion. If a writer is not an ethical persuasive writer, they will lose the audience before even getting a chance to present their case. Readers want to be persuaded by knowledge and individual who share a driving story of passion. That leads to liking where a connection needs to be established. The group of people that read a blog must be able to enjoy the topic and like it simply. If someone does not like the title because it is bland and boring, then the persuasion is out the window already. In the end consistency will have to be the most relevant foundation. Consistency brings in a great display of reputation and a great network that will remain intact throughout the consistent process of blogs for persuasion.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What is the Art of Influence?

When I think about what influences me, there are many questions I will make myself think about. The introduction of the passage The Art of Influence really seemed to remind the readers' such as myself of the importance of integrity and attitude in leadership. It was was a fresh fun look at the subject of influence. I feel like the introduction really talks about the fundamentals of influence and how it can impact our decision making and why we let influence define our life outcomes. There were excerpts talking about how family can impact the way you grow and I really find that to be the most importance influence you can have. Your family is the number one priority of influence from your days of adolescent to adulthood. Some define family has just simply parents while others have friends or mentors to look up to, but family is the absolute influence.

Looking in to the beauty of influence, I have the idea that influence is just an human perception that we all must fit in. The way we are raised, our experiences really define influence. My influence is from my parents solely and that is what persuades me to persuade others my style of method. I take what I have learned and make my own variation of influence to impact others. Influence is just a guideline to follow to find the inner depth of what you want to define in your life. My parents pushed me to go for education and that influence is what brought me here today. That is what enables me to write in this blog today. My influence of being surrounded with a great academic environment, sports, and good personality relates to this article as it tells us how a good basis of foundation is the key really to good influence. How influence takes place is that influence comes from within your own self, but others will help you find that within.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to face physical and mental struggles?

From writing a memoir, I really hope that it helps me to not just understand more, but that others who are going through something similar can relate with me somehow. I really want to share my story of a physical struggle that can be mental as well and how great it feels to overcome it. Why we should not ever give up when times are tough? The reason is because it is a priceless feeling that brings a whole new perspective and teaches you so many new lessons about life. I really feel more comfortable sharing my experience of having a serious sports injury and being able to overcome it and continue with my life now in a positive manner. It will bring not just myself down, but others can be affected as well which makes it more important to come back stronger. I really hope others who have gone through a physical injury or even mental can see that we all will struggle, but we gotta keep on fighting. To not just save ourselves, but also be able to help others eventually who need assistance with their struggles. I got all the support for mine, but there is someone else who needs more help than me now. That is the biggest lesson of all, there is always someone more unfortunate than yourself. Appreciate what we got all got.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Memoir Ideas

1. Struggle and Recovery
When I was playing soccer in high school and I tore my meniscus, I had to face the biggest struggle in my life and then bounce back from it. It took a lot of time and patience which brought out a lot of negative emotions in my short life. I felt like my life was over was the mindset, but then I would learn to overcome the odds and bring my life back on track. Through painful rehab and listening to positive people who want to help you, I learned that I can get better and do better for others too that endured the same.

2. Key Relationship
I was never keen on having a relationship like most of my friends. I never liked dating or even cared because I was just into sports and focused on what my parents asked of me. Little did I know I would finally meet someone who I could connect to change my ways and it would be someone the exact opposite of me. It's really funny when they say "opposites attract". In a short time being together, I learned that maybe you can find that special someone early in life. Some of us are not really lucky, but I sure have to say I got lucky with my first try in my life. I feel blessed to have been given an amazing women to keep an eye out for me.

3. The Future
What will happen with my future? I aspire to go after accounting and get my CPA, but then the doubts always come to mind. The expectations of my parents were so high growing up and now I am really confused sometimes if I truly want to go down this path. Maybe it is just my negative thoughts because I enjoy what I want to go after, but then some gut feeling tells me to stop. My conscience is like out of place and it gets frustrating at times. If I can just succeed already, I would just be happy. I wish I could forward time another four years and see where I am at already. I know what I want, but I have to just be patient and let these negative thoughts stay out of my mind. I guess it is just a struggle truly between yourself and your thoughts as the biggest challenge these next few years. Choices will make a huge difference if you are not positive.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Global Warming My Foot?

This winter season has been an epic one so far in my eyes. Today I woke up to see a blizzard of snow just come by for a few minutes. I walk outside to check on my car and clean up the drive way. My usual Sunday activity of going to the gym early in the morning was delayed a bit with rough road conditions. The snow was getting iced up on my windshield which made for some annoying cleaning. This has been easily the coldest winter that I have had to live through so far in my life and I absolutely hate it. Hate is a strong word and I rarely use it, but man I sure miss summer. I will do anything to have summer back. Spring is even better than this. Wake up to freezing weather and having to always clean my car daily is such a waste of time. Why did my family choose Michigan again? Again I will keep wondering in my head why do I live here to deal with this. That is just my frustration speaking because I am getting really tired of this winter. It has been freezing everyday at below temperature and the next few days it is supposed to get worse. That means the drive to work, school, or even to the gas station is going to be harsh. I sure cannot wait for spring to arrive and then spend the lovely summer weather outside. Until then, guess I am just going to be laid back at home tonight and stay on top of school work.

-January 26, 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Smile Everyday Guaranteed...

What makes us all happy everyday? For me it is always having my girlfriend by my side. A stranger turned friend and now my closest friend I can ask for. Every day I think about where I would be if I did not have this friend. Would my rehab from soccer injuries have gone bad? I do not and will never know because her moral support has been huge for me for the past three years. We all have a friend or a strong personal relationship with someone. Whether that be a parent, a friend, or spouse; the impact on our life is huge. The key to my happiness everyday to have a smile on my face is this woman. Someone who knows what the real struggle is like losing a parent at such a young age. She has had so many responsibilities and handled it so perfectly in my eyes. How do I deserve this great amazing person? I have no idea how I got so lucky, but I am so grateful. I remind myself every day that nothing is bad and to smile because I have an amazing woman. Today marks 36 months since I have met this amazing person. I just remembered only because that day I bumped in to Shelly and acted like a total douche. In return, I got the biggest scolding in my life. Hah! That was like love at first sight. Opposites attract I guess.