Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Elements of Persuasion Blogging

When it comes to writing a blog, the persuasion factor plays a key role in how a writer will create his/her story. In the Science of Persuasion video, it talked about some key factors that may enable bloggers to really approach a blog with a sense security. I believe that consistency is the most important in the medium of a blog. A blog has to be consistently in order to keep interest from its readers as the video entailed. It talks about commitment which is important to blogging because a writer needs to be committed to detailing specifics and perfect their story. Persuasive bloggers will need ultimate consistency as the foundation to a strong persuasive blog to attract the attention it desires.

Other ideas I find relevant to idea of blogs would be liking and authority. Authority is very important to the credibility of a writer which is required for persuasion. If a writer is not an ethical persuasive writer, they will lose the audience before even getting a chance to present their case. Readers want to be persuaded by knowledge and individual who share a driving story of passion. That leads to liking where a connection needs to be established. The group of people that read a blog must be able to enjoy the topic and like it simply. If someone does not like the title because it is bland and boring, then the persuasion is out the window already. In the end consistency will have to be the most relevant foundation. Consistency brings in a great display of reputation and a great network that will remain intact throughout the consistent process of blogs for persuasion.

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  1. Nice reflection on strategies. Different readers require different tactics? Expand slightly.