Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Smile Everyday Guaranteed...

What makes us all happy everyday? For me it is always having my girlfriend by my side. A stranger turned friend and now my closest friend I can ask for. Every day I think about where I would be if I did not have this friend. Would my rehab from soccer injuries have gone bad? I do not and will never know because her moral support has been huge for me for the past three years. We all have a friend or a strong personal relationship with someone. Whether that be a parent, a friend, or spouse; the impact on our life is huge. The key to my happiness everyday to have a smile on my face is this woman. Someone who knows what the real struggle is like losing a parent at such a young age. She has had so many responsibilities and handled it so perfectly in my eyes. How do I deserve this great amazing person? I have no idea how I got so lucky, but I am so grateful. I remind myself every day that nothing is bad and to smile because I have an amazing woman. Today marks 36 months since I have met this amazing person. I just remembered only because that day I bumped in to Shelly and acted like a total douche. In return, I got the biggest scolding in my life. Hah! That was like love at first sight. Opposites attract I guess.

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  1. Lucky you. Again, though, does this have enough self-reflection to constitute a journal entry?